Medical Marijuana Bill has Record Sponsorship

Medical Marijuana Bill has Record Sponsorship

Date: March 6, 2008
By: Emily Rau
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: A bill supporting the use of medical marijuana has more sponsors than ever before, but supporters aren't holding their breath.

Emily Rau (R-OW) has more from Jefferson City.

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Ten Representatives have signed on to sponsor a bill that would allow Missouri physicians to legally prescribe marijuana to ease severe pain and nausea.
Representative Michael Spreng is one of the bill's sponsors, and he says marijuana should be considered for its medicinal purposes.
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Description: It's not a drug that we want to see used or abused, but prescribed by a doctor, it has its attributes too. You know, you don't want to see people abuse pain pills, but people that need 'em, need 'em.

Supporters spoke with the bill's major opponent, House Speaker Rod Jetton on Wednesday.
Jetton saw a similar bill last year, but killed its chances when he refused to assign it to a committee.
Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Emily Rau.


Intro: A group supporting the use of medical marijuana calls the election year a main opponent of a bill to legalize it.

Emily Rau (R-OW) has more from the Capitol.

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Ten Missouri Representatives are sponsoring a bill that would make it legal for physicians to prescribe marijuana for severe pain and nausea.

One of the bill's sponsors, Representative Michael Spreng says he doubts the bill will be passed.
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Description: It's an election year, it's too controversial. And I would say that the Republicans may want to support it, but I don't see them wanting to do it this year.
Supporters of medical marijuana say House Speaker Rod Jetton is the bill's major opponent.
When a similar bill was proposed last year, Jetton would not assign it to a committee, making it impossible to pass.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Emily Rau.


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